Announcing The Spice is Right #1:

Yes, I have finally cogitated upon the matter of the recurring spice-blogging event enough and thus come to a few conclusions. It will occur monthly. The deadline for entries will be on the 15th day of every month, meaning that for the first challenge, which will be in April, you will have extra time to […]

Soy Sauce: A Primer on the Types, Functions and Flavors of the Quintessential Condiment

One thing that tends to shock newcomers to Asian cooking is the seemingly endless array of soy sauces on the shelves of the local Asian market. Which ones to buy? What are they all used for? Are they all different, or the same, or what? And most often: Why are there so many? And then, […]

Navajo Fry Bread

Some say that fry bread came from the time when about 8,000 of the Navajo people were imprisoned at Fort Summer, New Mexico during the nineteenth century. It is said that the Navajos were just given wheat flour and lard to eat–two commodities that were quite foreign to their bean and corn-based diets. Others say […]

A Modern Cantonese Dish: Beef With Mango

Cooking is not always an easy thing for me. Which sounds bizzare, since I spend large chunks of my life cooking for myself and others. And then, when I am not cooking, I am thinking about cooking, reading about cooking, writing about cooking or taking photographs of food. But some nights, I just really have […]

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