Baking Again: Rasberry Rose Crumb Bars

One of those rare baking fits has come upon me, and I have no idea why. It isn’t that I want to eat sweets, necessarily. I am still more likely to crave beans, rice, corn tortillas and a good stir fry than sweets. But I have the desire to bake sweet things and then feed […]

Book Review: The Unprejudiced Palate

Although first published over fifty years ago, Angelo Pellegrini’s The Unprejudiced Palate: Classic Thoughts on Food and the Good Life is one of those works which rings as true today, as when the author first put pen to paper. The slender volume, which mostly contains Pellegrini’s injunctions and instructions on how to grow, cook and […]

ISP Outage, Again

This is just a quick note to let you know that we had an outage at my ISP yesterday, so that is why there was no post, nor any email going out. I will be catching up tomorrow. We got lucky–the reason the outage happened was because the local electric company had a fire at […]

Sometimes, You Just Have To Make Cookies….

Try as I might to be a good Mom, and feed wholesome, nutritous food to myself and my family, I have discovered that sometimes, you just have to make a batch of cookies. Sometimes, that is just all that will do to quell the cravings of the teenager who comes home, hugs me and says, […]

Eating For Two, Cooking For Four

One of the first things I noticed when I first became pregnant, was that my tastes were changing. This happened when I was pregnant with Morganna, too, of course, but I don’t remember specifically how that all worked except for a few things: I wanted cheese all the time, I craved beets, which I normally […]

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