The Spice is Right II Theme: Sweet Or Savory?

I am still blown away by the success of the first round of The Spice is Right; I want to thank all of the participants for making it such a fun, and rewarding event to host. But now, we have to gear up for The Spice is Right II! This time around the theme is […]

The Spice Is Right: Ancient Spices Round-Up Part III

We are in the home stretch of the Ancient Spices Round-Up series of posts. I never expected such a strong response to this little food blogging event, but I am thrilled to host such a great group of bloggers and their recipes. Here are the final entrants into The Spice is Right I: Ancient Spices. […]

The Spice Is Right: Ancient Spices Round-Up Part II

Rather than give a lengthy introduction here, I will assume you have read Part I of this post and know what it is I am up to–showcasing the amazing work of all of the food bloggers who decided to tell us all about “Ancient Spices.” You’ve gotta love a woman who names her blog, Confessions […]

The Spice is Right: Ancient Spices Round-Up Part I

I chose ancient spices as the theme for the first Spice is Right event because I thought it would allow participants to have a lot of fun deciding what exactly I meant by “ancient spices.” I wanted the first event to be wide open, lots of fun and offer a great diversity of entries, and […]

A Quick Note On Food Allergies

Okay, so we were out to eat today with our friend Kendra in Columbus, and we ended up eating at The Cheesecake Factory, mainly because she knew she could get something gluten-free to eat there. Kendra suffers from celiac disease, and thus cannot tolerate gluten from wheat or barley products. Wheat is in a lot […]

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