That’s like from a song and stuff. I don’t normally stutter, but well, things have been a bit odd around here in Tigers & Strawberriesland, and I wanted to let everyone know why, finally. First of all, I stepped down as an editor on the Well Fed blogs The Paper Palate, and the new Food […]

The Spice Is Right: A Reminder

I want to thank the folks who have joined in to play with the first edition of The Spice is Right; y’all have sent me some fantastic posts and photos on the theme of “Ancient Spices.” I can’t wait to start doing the round up, because there is a lot to recommend all the goodies […]

Book Review: Gastronaut

I know that by now, people are starting to wonder why I keep doing all of these book reviews. Am I catching up on my reading? Well, sort of. Have I given up on cooking? Not a chance, though cooking has been a challenge of late, and when I have cooked, it has all tended […]

Simplicity of Flavor with an Ancient Spice

Once Popular, An Ancient Spice Becomes Forgotten Long pepper, Piper longum or P. retrofractum, is actually the original “pepper” that took European cuisine by storm. The Greeks were the first great consumers of it, then the Romans. Its use spread over Europe in the Middle Ages, when it was imported from India, primarily by Arab […]

Book Review: My Life in France

I devoured this book in two days flat, even though I was supposed to be cleaning the house to prepare for a dear friend’s visit. Every single spare moment of those two days was spent with my nose firmly planted in Julia Child’s My Life In France, a memoir that records her years living in […]

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