The Spice is Right Reminder

Hello, everyone! This is just a quick reminder that the first round of “The Spice is Right” is coming to its deadline–April 15th! That means that if you want to participate in the event, where you write about a spice, and post a recipe with pictures and all that happy goodness, and then get included […]

Internet Service Provider Woes

This is just a quick post to let everyone know I am alive and well, and still eating and cooking, but due to our ISP having outages timed to the exact moments I have to sit down and write–which is usually late at night–I have not been able to post. However, now that our guest, […]

Early Weekend Cat Blogging: Sink Cat

Morganna’s cat, whose name is Lennier, but who gets called Nearble, Mooncalf, Moonie, Schmoo, Schmoobie, Schmoobeast, Moobie and MilkyMoo (all of which he answers to) is a wierd cat who is obsessed with water. He prefers to drink from sinks. He likes to sit in the bathtub. Sometimes, while there is water in it. When […]

What Is Simple Food?

My thoughts began as I was scrubbing fingerling potatoes last night, in preparation to simmer them. As I gently scrubbed each thin-skinned little tuber individually, I found myself reflecting upon the idea of simple food. I realized that I didn’t really know what the words, “simple food” meant. Well, I knew what they meant -to […]

Book Review: The Food Substitution Bible

Reviewing books is a passion of mine; reviewing cookbooks and books about food are a particular obsession. This is in large part, because I like to read, write and cook, so three of my favorite activities come together in a delicious synergy. Though, I have to admit, that generally, I like to read cookbooks or […]

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