Thai Tomato Basil Salad

This is not a traditional Thai dish. But, it tastes so good, it doesn’t really matter. And really–I suspect that real live Thai folks would like it, and would make it, if they had the ingredients readily available. So, even though it came from my own culinary imagination, I still call it, “Thai.” It is […]

The Culinary Nerd Takes Her Friends Shopping

Here is the final installment of the tale of the Culinary Nerd and her friends gallivanting in the Baltimore/DC area. First, I want to apologize for not contacting either the bloggers out in that area, or the folks whom I have not seen there in ages; I didn’t want to further complicate the visit, which […]

The Butterfly Effect Meme

Memes are a fun little game to play in the foodblogosphere, especially when they are creative ones that ask unusual or interesting questions. Tana Butler of Small Farms tagged me with a meme entitled “The Butterfly Effect,” which was started by Dan at Salt Shaker, because he always wanted to participate in a meme, but […]

Massamun Curry with Chicken

Massamun Curry with Chicken is the very first Thai curry I ever tasted. The name comes from “Musselman,” an archaic term for a Muslim (Muslimman) or Arab, and it is theorized that the recipe was inspired by the cookery of Arab/Persian Islamic spice merchants and traders who came to Thailand in the 16th century. However, […]

The Queen of Thai Curries: Green Curry

And now we come to it: my favorite Thai curry of all time. Green curry. I tend to only make green curry in the summer, when the herbs and seasonings that go into it are fresh and readily available, because I am snobby about the curry paste. There is something about green curry paste that […]

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