The Culinary Nerd Goes To Mecca (Well, -a- Mecca, Not -the- Mecca)

So, first of all, I am sure you want to know who or what the Culinary Nerd is. That would be me. That nickname was given to me in culinary school by a fellow student one day when a visiting chef once asked the crowd of us if anyone knew what huilacoche was. I was […]

The Fresh Flavors of Thai Food

As you can see, my shipment from arrived. Look at how lovely and fresh the lemongrass and especially the galangal look! Everything smells wonderful, though I have to admit to being a bit disappointed with the lime leaves–usually when I open a box from Thaigrocer, the first scent that strikes me as I unwrap […]

The Spice Is Right IV: It’s Too Darned Hot Round-Up, Part III

And here we are, in the final phase of It’s Too Darned Hot’s round-up. As always, if I missed an entry you sent along to me–do not fret–just send another email to me, and I will edit you into this post once we get to Maryland and I can sit down with my laptop and […]

The Spice is Right IV: It’s Too Darned Hot Roundup, Part II

Now we come to the second part of the round-up for this month’s The Spice is Right event: “It’s Too Darned Hot!” Elizabeth, my good friend in Canada who writes Blog From Our Kitchen, had a conundrum about this month’s entry. She couldn’t decide which recipe to showcase, since most everything she and her husband […]

The Spice Is Right IV: It’s Too Darned Hot Roundup, Part I

It really is too darned hot today. I know, I spent part of the early afternoon outside washing dirty, stinky dogs. After that, I retreated from the 97 degree heat and umpteen-eleven percent humidity and took a shower, and have been hiding out in the air-conditioned house since. I might only emerge to pick the […]

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