The Spice Is Right V Theme: “Fresh and Local”

This Spice is Right challenge may be a bit difficult, but it should be fun. In recognition that August is, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, a time of growth, plenty and harvest, and considering how many bloggers we have from around the world, it might be fun if we highlighted the local flavoring ingredients […]

By Special Request: Aztec Gold Brownies

Chiles are one of my favorite fruits and flavoring agents in the entire culinary universe. As far as I am concerned, they are among the most versatile of ingredients, and can allow the cook to play with a range of flavor, color, heat and aroma that very few other ingredients can manage. As a result […]

The Locavore’s Bookshelf: Chew On This

Eric Schlosser’s excellent book, Fast Food Nation is one of those works that is destined to become a classic work of non-fiction; the clarity of his prose and his arguments about the state of the US’s food culture, fat intake and fast food obsession ensure that anyone who reads the book -will- sit up and […]

Indian Stuffed Vegetables

One of the most beautiful things about the CSA box is that it is like Christmas once a week. You never know what will be in it, and opening it up is like peeking into a vegetal treasure chest. For the past several weeks, we have been getting delicious baby squashes, but last week, included […]

My New Favorite Cheese Sandwich

Don’t I know that writing about cheese sandwiches is boring, and no one wants to read about them? Yeah, well, I guess that I don’t. Especially since I am writing about my new favorite cheese sandwich in order to tell you about my new favorite cheese. You see, I adore cheese. Before I ever tasted […]

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