Cookbook Review: Food Adventures

Kat is just a few days shy of her six-month birthday, and her new pediatrician, after hearing how the wee tenacious one has been dive-bombing after my toast every morning, has given us the all-clear to start her on solids. In the US, that means giving her rice cereal, which is deemed the most harmless […]

Another Simple Stir-Fry: Lemon-Ginger Chicken with Broccoli

Chicken with broccoli is one of those dishes that you will find on every Chinese-American restaurant menu; lemon chicken is another old standard. However, I have never been partial to any rendition of either of those dishes. Which is really odd, considering that I like chicken, broccoli and lemons. Chicken was my favorite meat when […]

Local Food in the News: Here, There, and Everywhere

Local food has started to really gain the attention not only of alternative media sources such as bloggers, internet publications and niche print publications, but has been picked up by mainstream print publications like Time Magazine, and has become a topic of conversation in the halls of government around the world. Readers with long memories […]

From Hyderabad: Narangi Keema

I love to try new recipes, especially if they are unusual or rare in some way. When I first picked up and reviewed Madhur Jaffrey’s book From Curries to Kebabs, one of the recipes I singled out to try in the future was a keema (minced meat) recipe that included orange zest and juice as […]

An English Casserole Kissed By Indian Spices

I try to love casseroles, and I do. At least, in theory, I do. What is not to love? They are nice, warm dishes that are baked in a nice hot oven where they are transformed into cozy, homey and comfort food, that often involves bubbling melted cheese with luscious browned crispy bits on top. […]

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