Can You Do The Heimlich?

I know you all know I am not talking about a dance, but that is what it sounds like a little. But I am asking a serious question–how many of us know, really know, how to do the life-saving Heimlich maneuver? Have you had training? Have you ever done it, if not on a person, […]

Two Greens Are Better Than One: Chicken with Baby Gai Lan and Bok Choy

Nothing will cure the wintertime blues for me better than greens. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some greens all through the year, but in the deep, dark, cold months of winter, greens help pull me through the sunless days and long, shivery nights. (No, I don’t live in Alaska, but I do live […]

The Recession, Foodstamps and Politics

The recession is deepening, and as more and more people lose their jobs, demand for social services, especially food stamps, is rising. All across the country, families, including those with small children and infants, are going hungry. And the stimulus package, which every Republican in the House of Representatives, refused to vote for, allocates 30 […]

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