The Recession, Foodstamps and Politics

The recession is deepening, and as more and more people lose their jobs, demand for social services, especially food stamps, is rising. All across the country, families, including those with small children and infants, are going hungry. And the stimulus package, which every Republican in the House of Representatives, refused to vote for, allocates 30 […]

In The Elevator…

Grist, the online environmental magazine, asked a bunch of leaders in the sustainable agriculture and food movement to imagine that they somehow managed to share an elevator with President-Elect Barack Obama. While riding together, each person has one minute of Obama’s undivided attention in which to present their ideas involving food and farming. What would […]

From the New York Times: Farmer Banned From Greenmarkets

One of the big reasons people shop at farmer’s markets across the country is because they want to eat fresher foods that were grown locally. They want to support local farmers and food producers and support their local economy, all while eating delicious food. What they don’t want to do is fall victim to the […]

How To Eat Locally Without Doing the Work Involved

So, the New York Times had this article a few days ago, which I found out about thanks to Tessa, my Mom-in-Law, about the different little service-industry businesses which are growing up to cater to folks who want to eat local foods without having to grow them, go to the market for them or in […]

How Local Can You Realistically Go?

I want you to look at that delicious bowl of pasta pictured here. This is what I tossed together for dinner tonight, because it was quick, easy and nutritious, and all of the ingredients except the pasta, olive oil, salt, Parmesan cheese and Aleppo pepper were local. Very local, in fact–everything else was grown right […]

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