Food In The News: Is Organic Cane Sugar a Health Food And Other Burning Questions

Since When Is Cane Sugar A Health Food? Zak sent me a link to an extremely interesting NY Times article where I learned that since consumers have decided that high fructose corn syrup is the devil that has caused rampant obesity in the United States (and yes, it may be -one- factor among -many- involved […]

Avoid Wasting Food: Make Soup!

I know I just wrote about soup. Actually, I wrote about a specific soup, and gave a recipe. Now, I am just writing about soup in general, because in one of the comments about the Broccoli-Cheese and Kale Soup, a reader told me about something a cookbook author said that just got me all riled […]

Maggots, Mushrooms and Malarky

Last week, two different people sent me a link to this New York Times Op-Ed piece: “The Maggots in Your Mushrooms”. With a title like that, of course I had to read the thing, but after I did, I ended up shrugging my shoulders and saying, “So what?” Which is definitely not the reaction that […]

Can You Do The Heimlich?

I know you all know I am not talking about a dance, but that is what it sounds like a little. But I am asking a serious question–how many of us know, really know, how to do the life-saving Heimlich maneuver? Have you had training? Have you ever done it, if not on a person, […]

Is Local Food Healthier?

New York Times health blogger, Tara Parker-Pope, posted about a new two-year study to be undertaken at the University of North Carolina to determine the public health impact of consumers moving toward a diet composed of more locally grown and produced foods. This study will be the first to look at the health implications of […]

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