Garden Update: I’ve Got ‘Maters!

With the heat wave we have been experiencing here in Athens (heat indeces of around 106 degrees F daily–woohoo!) and no rain in sight, I have noticed that my tomatoes have started going into overdrive. (The heat wave did finally break last night, with a spectacular series of thunderstorms that included mult-colored lightning, cracks and […]

Fresh And Local Ingredients Make Summer Pasta Special

I am lucky to live where I do. Many city dwellers would be confused to hear me say that; after all, I live in a very small town in the middle of a rural Appalachian Ohio county that has a high unemployment rate and all of the attendant problems which that entails. However, I am […]

Do You See What I See?

Yes, that is indeed what it looks like. My first ripe tomato of the season. It was on one of the seven foot-tall tomato plants, and there is one near it that will be ripe tomorrow. I rewarded myself by eating it after I transplanted some potted flowers and redid some of our window-boxes on […]

As The Garden Grows….

I realized as I was tying up my second self-watering box of tomatoes yesterday morning that I had not written about the garden much recently. There have been ups and downs. Right now, mostly ups–as in, the first box of cherry tomatoes I planted keep growing up, up, up, as if they are attempting to […]

On Edible Flowers

Edible flowers were and are all the rage in some culinary circles, but I find many people hesitant either to try and cook with flowers, or to eat them if they are served. This hesitancy probably stems from unfamiliarity with the long-standing custom of eating flowers and using them as flavorings in food. It probably […]

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