Americans Return to the Garden

After I wrote a post in May entreating Americans to return to our roots and once again become “a nation of farmers” by growing at least part of our food on whatever spot of earth we can find to cultivate, I was amazed at how strongly my ideas seemed to resonate with readers. Yesterday as […]

Can Urban Farming Help Alleviate A Looming Food Crisis?

Americans need to go back to the land. I don’t mean this in a 1960’s, leaving the city for a commune in the country, complete with goat milk, wheat grass and sprouted lentil loaves, kind of way. I think we all need to get back to the land wherever we are. We need to touch […]

Harissa: It’s Moroccan, It’s Red, and It’s Hot!

Some like it hot–and some not. I like stuff hot, and as longtime readers of this blog should have figured by now, I will put chilies into anything, including chocolate truffles and brownies. So, of course, since I am learning about and cooking Moroccan foods these days, it only stands to reason that I would […]

Concerning Bees: The Fear Factor

The bees are dying. They are dying of a strange disorder that causes the worker bees of a previously thriving honeybee hive to just fly away and never return. The brood (larvae) are left capped in their cells in the hive, with no one left to care for them. (Typically, adult bees will not leave […]

What is This Vegetable?

One of the most beautiful things about getting a CSA box is the excitement of not knowing what will be in it, until you open it up. It is little bit like Christmas, every weekend. For the past two weeks, we have had a mysterious green in our box. You can see it in the […]

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