Sewing And Craft Projects Part Two: The Totoro Apron

This second installment of my weekly posts on my sewing, quilting and crafts projects features the Totoro apron that I made for Kat for Christmas, which she wants to wear all the time. It was really easy to make–the apron itself took me only a couple of hours to cut and sew together. It is […]

Will Curry Call Her Home One Day?

I suspect that I am quite lucky. Kat, although she has started doing the toddler food-controlling games, still loves real honest to God food. Here, you can see her using a regular sized spoon to feed herself homemade Cajun red beans and rice. Hardly a bland dish, my vegetarian version is filled with onions, garlic, […]

How Green Was My Garlic (Scapes)

Sometimes I cannot get enough of garlic; I think it is probably my favorite member of the allium family. I use more onions by weight in my cooking than I do garlic, but that is partially because garlic manages to pack a healthy wallop of flavor in a very small package, compared to onions, so […]

Toddler Tastes

A few months ago on his blog, Anthony Bourdain was musing with horrified dread on the subject of what he would feed his infant daughter when she started eating solid food. A lot of foodie moms (myself included) posted with the hopefully helpful advice that babies and toddlers will eat what you feed them. That […]

Kat’s Rainbow Sundress

Now you see what I’ve been up to for the past several days. I made this little dress for Kat by copying a dress we bought last year in a local store. It had been made by someone here in Athens, and I drafted a pattern from it to make this dress. The fabric is […]

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