Happy Boxing Day: Images From Our Christmas

While technically, last year was Kat’s first Christmas, at that time, being only a few months old, she didn’t really give a damned about it. So long as she was nursing, she was happy. This year, on the other hand, she helped us decorate the tree, bake cookies and wrap presents. And, as you can […]

Weekend Cat Blogging: Christmas Edition

It was Christmas Eve Eve–the night before the night before Christmas–and all through the house, many creatures were stirring, measuring, shaping and baking a multitude of cookies to sweeten the holiday and make the season bright. I caught a glimpse of a sweet sight beneath our horrifying fiber optic Christmas tree–it glimmers and glows on […]

The Literary Approach to Raising a Little Foodie: The Books of Amy Wilson Sanger

I know that quite a few of you don’t have babies or children of your own. But you may well have nieces or nephews, or a number of friends who have decided to procreate, or heck, maybe even a neighbor or co-worker is about to have a baby. What is the perfect gift for a […]

Happy All-Hallows Eve and All Saint’s Day!

Today was my first day of work at Salaam, so that is why I am late wishing everyone a happy Halloween. By the time I got home, went to the grocery store to pick up candy for the trick or treaters, went on another errand, then got home, got together with Zak, Morganna and Kat […]

Yar! T’is The Wee Pirate Lass In All Her Glory

Shiver me timbers, who is that I see? What bairn is it who clings so tightly to her sire’s midmast, with fiery eyes and a fierce hunger for plunder and boody? T’is naught but Kat the Wee, the tiniest pirate in all the seven seas! With her father, Mad Zak, the Psychedelic Pirate! Yes, it […]

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