Ditalini With Eggplant, Kale and Caramelized Onions: Mamma’s Necessary Invention

When it is lunchtime, and a Mom has a hungry baby on her hands, she has to work fast. It’s a thing. But, I am too lazy of a Mom to want to cook something for Kat, and then something for myself and whoever else is around during the lunch hour, so, I just improvise, […]

Early Autumn Soups for Baby and Everyone Else

Now that Kat is a year old, she is eating less and less “baby food,” and pretty much eats either a ground up or minced or chopped up version of what we are eating, particularly for dinner. Her breakfast is still oatmeal with fruit and yogurt, and for lunch she tends to have some of […]

Kat’s First Birthday: A Smashing Good Time

This is how Kat’s first birthday party started: a pretty new dress, a tranquil, clean, angelic looking baby, a clean table and lots of smiles all around. This is how it ended: a nearly naked baby, a grinning, filthy goblin of a child, a sticky table, and giggling and laughter all around. And it is […]

Making Baby-Safe Curries the Whole Family Will Love

As regular readers have probably already gleaned, Kat has an amazingly open mind (and mouth) when it comes to solid foods. I did try, sort of, to introduce the foods suggested by typical American baby books and pediatricians to Kat: rice cereal, bananas, and other bland fare, but she just really didn’t much care for […]

Cooking For Kat: Breaking the Baby Food Rules

Yesterday, the time I would have taken up with writing, I was in the kitchen, busily whipping up a whopping large amount of baby foods for Kat. Our supply of little frozen cubes of baby meals had dwindled down to nearly nothing (we were down to two cubes of dal and one of blueberry puree), […]

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