An Inspired Idea: Tonnato Puttanesca

I have already written about the delectably sensuous pasta sauce from Naples, puttanesca. This velvety concoction of tomatoes, olives, capers and anchovies which is known as “whore’s sauce” is one of my very favorite comfort foods. It makes for a quick supper from the pantry when I haven’t had a chance to think too long […]

Enchanted Forest Pasta: It’s Local And Seasonal

Today was a gorgeous spring day: the sun was bright, the sky was a perfect robin’s-egg blue, and flowers bloomed, filling the birdsong-laden air with fragrance. Zak’s favorite tree is blooming, the tree that always says “springtime” to him–the redbud. A native to the eastern US, particularly the Appalachian mountain regions, the redbud is a […]

Appalachian Pasta Primavara

Spring is finally in full swing, with sunny days, cool nights and the warming earth is sending forth shoots, leaves and flowers to be enjoyed by all who long for fresh green vegetables after a winter of potatoes, turnips, squash, and frozen and canned veggies. This recipe came out of what was in my refrigerator. […]

Another Use For Caramelized Onions: Heather’s Pasta With Mushrooms and Peas

Deeply caramelized onions are not just good for Indian food: in my opinion, they improve nearly any recipe from any cuisine. I used to use browned onions as the basis for a sauce/gravy for meatloaf with Jamaican jerk spices that I made for my Pakistani personal chef clients, and they loed the sweetness and savor […]

The Food Of Angels: Pasta With Prosciutto, Peas And Parmigiano

This is one of my all-time favorite dishes from Northern Italy, but I have never cooked it before now. Which is sort of weird, but when I first had it, back when I lived in Providence, Rhode Island, I didn’t have to make it. I could just walk into any number of little restaurants up […]

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