Hillbilly Ragu Bolognese: No, It Ain’t Traditional, But It Is Authentically Tasty

The first time I ever tasted a pasta sauce that could truly bear the name “ragu bolognese” was in Providence, Rhode Island in a little restaurant up on Federal Hill. That is the old Italian section of town, and literally, you can walk into any little eatery there and get fantastic Italian food–food that tasted […]

A Voluptuous Vegan Italian-Arabic Fusion Pasta Dish

One of my favorite subjects of study in the world is the history of food, and how the foods of various cultures evolve over time due to human exploration, trade and conquest. I find it endlessly fascinating to examine foods such is cumin, which is a favored spice in India and the Middle East, then […]

Ditalini With Eggplant, Kale and Caramelized Onions: Mamma’s Necessary Invention

When it is lunchtime, and a Mom has a hungry baby on her hands, she has to work fast. It’s a thing. But, I am too lazy of a Mom to want to cook something for Kat, and then something for myself and whoever else is around during the lunch hour, so, I just improvise, […]

Masoor Dal With Baby Vegetables

When I was a child, I had a fascination with little things. I collected miniature figurines of animals, and my favorite dolls were tiny–small enough to fit in my palm. On the shore of Lake Erie on visits to my aunt and uncle’s home, I would collect the shells of tiny bivalves and snails, delighting […]

Improvising Summer Spaghetti

The spaghetti that I eat today is not the spaghetti I grew up with. Like many Americans whose families are not Italian in origin, I grew up primarily with spaghetti that had been overcooked into thick, mushy ropes of pasta, drowned in a fairly bland meat sauce that was almost completely devoid of the flavor […]

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