A New Series: Avoiding Food Waste in Restaurants–An IIntroduction

By now, nearly everyone has heard that Americans waste half of our food. This was published in the 2004 findings of an eight year long, USDA-funded study done by anthropologists at University of Arizona’s Bureau of Applied Research Anthropology. Most of the waste occurs after food gets into consumer outlets such as grocery or convenience […]

From Food Porn To Food Cost: Balancing Profit with Creativity

One of the most fun parts of working as a chef is the creative puzzle of coming up with off-menu specials that will not only wow diners, but which keep food costs low. Food cost is something that every chef and line cook is acutely aware of–it is a fact of life in every restaurant, […]

From Gaza: Sumakiyah

One of the best parts of working at Salaam is that I get to do research into new cuisines and dishes for dinner specials which I may not have ever sought out otherwise. In point of fact, while I was interested in the food culture of the Middle East before I began working at Salaam, […]

A Little Food Porn to Brighten Your Monday

Even though I cannot share all the recipes from the food I make at Salaam, I wanted to share with my readers some descriptions and photographs of the kinds of dishes I’ve been doing there for the past few weekends, all of which have been madly busy. So, here we are, starting out with our […]

Images From The Valentine’s Day Menu

It is true when people say that for restaurant people, working Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day is like the entire pre-Christmas retail season rolled into one long shift or so. Those are the two days in a restaurant’s calendar that are destined for wild and crazy amounts of business. This year, Hilarie had the idea […]

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