Where, Oh Where Has The Food Blogger Gone?

Oh, where, oh where can she be? Well, the truth is, I have been here all along, just not posting. It started with computer troubles, but those got cleared up in a day or so. Then, I had a super-busy two weeks at work where I did all the dinner and lunch specials for those […]

Kat’s Rainbow Sundress

Now you see what I’ve been up to for the past several days. I made this little dress for Kat by copying a dress we bought last year in a local store. It had been made by someone here in Athens, and I drafted a pattern from it to make this dress. The fabric is […]

Time Off For Quilting

So here’s the deal: Restaurant Salaam is closed for the week of Ohio University’s spring break so we can do renovations, cleaning, maintenance and have a bit of rest. This is pretty standard practice here in Athens–lots of restaurants close either for the entire break or part of it, so that employees can spruce the […]

The Wallhanging Top Is Done!

Here is the completed top to the wallhanging I am making for Zak; you can see that I added the appliqué dragonfly two days ago. I drew a pattern on a used piece of printer paper, and cut it out. Then, I applied fusable webbing to the wrong side of two different fabrics–these are really […]

This Is Why I Have Not Posted Since Monday: Buddha Crazy Quilt Wallhanging

I feel bad for not having posted in a few days, although I am happy to see a mostly positive discussion coming about because of my last post. But there is a reason, and it is a good one. I have been working on my latest piece of fabric art, which you can see pictured […]

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