The Spice Is Right IV: It’s Too Darned Hot Round-Up, Part III

And here we are, in the final phase of It’s Too Darned Hot’s round-up. As always, if I missed an entry you sent along to me–do not fret–just send another email to me, and I will edit you into this post once we get to Maryland and I can sit down with my laptop and […]

The Spice is Right IV: It’s Too Darned Hot Roundup, Part II

Now we come to the second part of the round-up for this month’s The Spice is Right event: “It’s Too Darned Hot!” Elizabeth, my good friend in Canada who writes Blog From Our Kitchen, had a conundrum about this month’s entry. She couldn’t decide which recipe to showcase, since most everything she and her husband […]

The Spice Is Right IV: It’s Too Darned Hot Roundup, Part I

It really is too darned hot today. I know, I spent part of the early afternoon outside washing dirty, stinky dogs. After that, I retreated from the 97 degree heat and umpteen-eleven percent humidity and took a shower, and have been hiding out in the air-conditioned house since. I might only emerge to pick the […]

The Spice Is Right V Theme: “Fresh and Local”

This Spice is Right challenge may be a bit difficult, but it should be fun. In recognition that August is, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, a time of growth, plenty and harvest, and considering how many bloggers we have from around the world, it might be fun if we highlighted the local flavoring ingredients […]

By Special Request: Aztec Gold Brownies

Chiles are one of my favorite fruits and flavoring agents in the entire culinary universe. As far as I am concerned, they are among the most versatile of ingredients, and can allow the cook to play with a range of flavor, color, heat and aroma that very few other ingredients can manage. As a result […]

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