Easy Chicken and Noodles for an Uneasy Stomach

Comfort food calls to me after surviving a bout of stomach virus. However, during the recovery from a viral attack is not the best time for me to take on cookery that requires an all day effort like many comfort foods do. The original of this recipe goes all the way back to my paternal […]

The AGA is HERE!

Hey, it looks like it is safe to post again, so here I am. Letting you know that the AGA, along with the refrigerator, the microwave and the Ventahood have arrived, safe and sound and are in the kitchen. The installer will come on Thursday and bring the dishwasher with him. While the delivery men […]

In Praise of Pressure

Not many people enjoy pressure, though I would say that plenty of folks work better under pressure than others. In fact, I would say that I am one of those people; I tend to do my best writing when under deadline pressure, and some of my best cooking is done when there is a time […]

The Path of Pie II: Tools Without Tears

In my quest for perfect pie, I discovered that there are tools which are essential to the journey, and tools which do not so much help the baker as hinder her. Some gadgets are nothing but gimcrack fantasies with fatal design flaws which render them worthless in the pursuit of pastry excellence.These paltry bits of […]


So, I was wondering what to talk about today, and was thinking about it, and then I was wandering the blogosphere, and hiked over to check out Becks & Posh, and saw that they are having a meme thingie that has to do with our favorite appliances/utensils and whatnots in the kitchen.And the idea is […]

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