Blueberry Navajo Fry Bread

When I posted about the Navajo Fry Bread this spring, I promised to experiment this summer with a variant that included fresh blueberries in the dough. While the experiment was not a complete success, it was good enough to repeat, with some refinement. First of all, I changed the recipe for the dough somewhat to […]

A Celestial Pie With Less Sugar and White Flour

A few weeks ago, I had a routine glucose tolerance test that pregnant women go through. The results were borderline high, so I went back for a three hour glucose tolerance test and while it came back with four normal readings and one high reading, my doctor suggested that I avoid eating much in the […]

Around the Food Blogs: The Ethics of Recipe Writing, Publishing and Blogging

Meg of Megnut posted an article that appeared earlier this year in the Washington Post about recipes and copyright, and Kate of the Accidental Hedonist wrote a bit about it on her blog this week. When the article came out, I remember writing about it on The Paper Palate, back when I was editing that […]

Celebrating Indian Independence At Mahanandi

Indira, the talented writer of the popular Indian food blog, Mahanandi, has a one time food blog event going on this August to celebrate the independence of India from British colonial rule. It’s called the Food Parade on Independence Day, and the idea is a great one meant to celebrate the wonderful variation of the […]

A Bean, By Any Other Name, Wouldst Taste As Sweet?

Beans are in my blood. I grew up eating them, child of Appalachia that I am. A cheap source of protein, dried beans were not only an easy meal, but they were a way of life, especially in the wintertime. When the weather was cold and blustery, the remedy was to put on a pot […]

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