From Gaza: Sumakiyah

One of the best parts of working at Salaam is that I get to do research into new cuisines and dishes for dinner specials which I may not have ever sought out otherwise. In point of fact, while I was interested in the food culture of the Middle East before I began working at Salaam, […]

The Wallhanging Top Is Done!

Here is the completed top to the wallhanging I am making for Zak; you can see that I added the appliqué dragonfly two days ago. I drew a pattern on a used piece of printer paper, and cut it out. Then, I applied fusable webbing to the wrong side of two different fabrics–these are really […]

Simple Punjabi Homestyle Comfort Food: Keema Mattar

Keema mattar is one of the easiest north Indian dishes to prepare, and one of he most satisfying. It is nothing more than spiced minced meat, usually lamb, cooked with peas. The combination of the hearty meat and the sweetness of the peas is soul-stirring, and it is great served either with warm naan or […]

Curried Chicken From the Oven: Masalewali Dum Murghi

Most people think of curries being cooked on the stove top, in a pot, where it simmers over a period of time, sometimes hours, sometimes minutes. But whether a curry takes an hour or more, most of the time, it helps to be in the kitchen in order to stir the sauce and keep it […]

Flaky Pan-Fried Indian Flatbread: Methi Paratha

Paratha is a flaky sort of pan-fried round bread from India that is crispy on the outside and steamy-chewy on the inside. I was told by the father of one of my clients, who had been a civil servant in India and thus had to do much traveling around the country, that it is most […]

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