Making Stock: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Warning! This post contains photographs of a graphic nature. If you are too squeamish to want to look at where your food comes from, if you cannot abide meat that looks like it came from an animal, then stop reading, move along and don’t look any further, because some of these photographs depict in graphic […]

How To Be A Good Dinner Guest (And Get Invited Back)

So I was cruising around the net, and reading blogs the other day and on Slashfood, I found a link to this Seattle Times article: Non appetit: Dietary restrictions can complicate social dining. Basically, it is about the fact that because of greater prevalance in food allergies and awareness of diseases such as celiac in […]

The Culinary Nerd Goes To Mecca (Well, -a- Mecca, Not -the- Mecca)

So, first of all, I am sure you want to know who or what the Culinary Nerd is. That would be me. That nickname was given to me in culinary school by a fellow student one day when a visiting chef once asked the crowd of us if anyone knew what huilacoche was. I was […]

What Is Simple Food?

My thoughts began as I was scrubbing fingerling potatoes last night, in preparation to simmer them. As I gently scrubbed each thin-skinned little tuber individually, I found myself reflecting upon the idea of simple food. I realized that I didn’t really know what the words, “simple food” meant. Well, I knew what they meant -to […]

IMBB 24: Made It In 30 Minutes

When the Too Many Chefs threw down the gauntlet for this month’s IMBB, I couldn’t help but take up the challenge. Cook a meal, with as much of it being from scratch as possible, within thirty minutes, a la Rachael Ray. One of the charges book reviewers often level at Ray’s cookbooks is that they […]

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