Happy Birthday, Dan: White Russian Cheesecake

Here’s Dan, with his annual birthday present from me–a cheesecake. For the past several years, I have been making Dan cheesecakes, because he has an inordinate ability to consume entire cheesecakes at a sitting. They are his favorite thing, in fact, though with my cheesecakes, he contents himself with only two pieces at a sitting, […]

Because Too Much Is Always Better Than Not Enough: Black Forest Cheesecake

When I found out that Kim, one of the servers at Restaurant Salaam, was going to have a birthday and that she loved cheesecake, I asked her if she would like me to make one for her as a gift. Her eyes lit up and she nodded avidly. Dan, the usual recipient of a different […]

Experimenting With White Whole Wheat Flour: Cherry Pie

I’ve been meaning to try baking with King Arthur Flour’s white whole wheat flour for quite some time. White whole wheat flour is ground from a different variety of wheat–hard white winter wheat, to be exact–than the usual whole wheat flour which comes from hard red winter wheat. Lacking the tannin that comes with the […]

It’s That Time of Year Again: Dan’s Birthday Cheesecake 2008

Long time readers know that I have been baking cheesecakes for my dear friend and brother, Dan, for his birthday for quite some time. And I have posted the Universal Cheesecake Recipe which I use as a basis for every variant I have made and recorded on this blog. The different flavors I have posted […]

Cardamom Waffles With Cherries and Almonds

I was shocked when my father-in-law admitted to us a few years ago that he had never, in his life, had a waffle. (When we asked why, he said he wasn’t sure why he hadn’t eaten a waffle, except that he figured they just couldn’t be that exciting.) We therefore, took him to eat at […]

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