A Christmas Gift For Caffiends: BuzzBarz

Every year around Christmas, I try to come up with a new cookie recipe or two to add to the already copious list of cookies I make every year. This year, I didn’t get started baking until, oh, yesterday, so that curtailed my explorations in cookiedom. However, I did manage to adapt a recipe from […]

Cheesecake For Every Season And Every Reason

Last weekend, when my dear friend Tom, also known as Brother Thomas, visited, he asked if I would make him a strawberry cheesecake. Of course, I said yes, and used the last of the local strawberries, along with a quantity of very good strawberry jam to do it. I also flavored the batter and topping […]

Lazy Days Summer Baking: Strawberry-Rhubarb Galette

Summer, the season of abundant fresh fruit, is the perfect time for pie baking. Unless, of course, you are a lazy baker. Or, like me, you have a small baby who seems to feel the need to be attached to you continually. Or, you have a job, and a bunch of kids to take to […]

Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake For Dan’s Birthday

My dear friend and brother, Dan Trout loves cheesecake. Dan loves it so much, he has been known to eat entire cheesecakes in a sitting. After the New Years Eve debut of my Pomegranate Cheesecake, he was heard to boast that he could even eat one of my cheesecakes by himself. Well, as a cook […]

It Had To Be Done: Pomegranate Cheesecake

In the words of my dear friend Dan, “If there are two things that were meant to come together it is pomegranate and cheesecake.” Thus spake Dan, the man who once or twice in his life has sat down and eaten an entire cheesecake in a sitting, so well does he love those creamy, decadent […]

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