A Celestial Pie With Less Sugar and White Flour

A few weeks ago, I had a routine glucose tolerance test that pregnant women go through. The results were borderline high, so I went back for a three hour glucose tolerance test and while it came back with four normal readings and one high reading, my doctor suggested that I avoid eating much in the […]

By Special Request: Aztec Gold Brownies

Chiles are one of my favorite fruits and flavoring agents in the entire culinary universe. As far as I am concerned, they are among the most versatile of ingredients, and can allow the cook to play with a range of flavor, color, heat and aroma that very few other ingredients can manage. As a result […]

A Magickal Transformation: Blueberry Baked German Pancake

There are some dishes that seem more to be the work of an alchemist or a sorceress than something a mere cook has whipped together in the kitchen. Baked German pancakes are one such dish: from a simple, runny batter of eggs, milk, flour, salt and butter, poured into a shallow baking dish and popped […]

Sour Cherry Lattice Top Pie

One of the prettiest pies known to humanity is a sour cherry lattice top pie. Or, at least, I think so. The brilliant color of the cherries is set off by the seemingly intricate woven strips of pastry; the fruit looks like round ruby baubles set in a golden filagree. The openwork top also allows […]

Two Ways To Treat Dad Like a King: Castle Cakes

What is a king without a castle? I don’t often do whimsy in my cooking, however, when Morganna and Brittany saw this castle-shaped Bundt cake pan from Nordic Ware in a catalog, they insisted I had to get it. I already have a small collection of the sculpted Bundt pans, (and have used the rose-shaped […]

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